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The Making of The Mask

IMG_5192.JPGSo you are probably wondering what this article is going to be about. Is it about the 1994 box office hit featuring Jim Carey, or maybe you think I am an artist that makes Masks for Masquerade ball. None of the above applies here. Honestly, I am just a Makeup Addict that has been fascinated with the big controversy over Women who wear make versus Women that don't. #TeamNatural vs #TeamMakeup Lately there has been some women who has publicly came forward with their statement to be "Makeup Free" like Alicia Keys. Now before I go on I  must admit that I am partially biased on this topic since I am a part owner of a cosmetic line, (cue in link) prettyuglycosmetic.com. IMG_5116 I do think I have enough experiences and maturity that I can let you guys in on something. I think I have figured out what the real issue is and guess what it has nothing to do with hint, hint, Makeup! OK, lets do an experiment here. So let take two coworkers, Tammy and Sandra. Tammy is a bank teller by day. She comes into work always "dressed to the nines", very charismatic, and anyone can tell she puts a lot into her looks. And then you have Sandra, who is very good at what she does in the bank industry, follows the handbook, and opts for comfort over beauty. So Tammy and Sandra actually are good friends and they normally take their lunch breaks together. One ordinary day since the branch manager was at a meeting, they decide to go to the mall to have lunch. As they get out of the parking lot, immediately Tammy lights her path and get so many stares, compliments, Men breaking their necks to open the door for her while Sandra is left making funny faces and confused. So while they are eating, Sandra ask Tammy the big question "Why do you wear makeup?" "I mean my husband says I don't need it." Tammy laughs and says well the same reason you don't wear it is the same reason I do. Sandra says, "I mean I don't get it, do you have something to hide?" Tammy says "Nope nothing to hide, in fact I visit a aesthetician once a month for a chemical peel and facial and I see my dermatologist at least once a year so trust me it there is nothing to hide." So as they are leaving the mall, Tammy, passes a Makeup Counter and notices a lipstick she has been waiting to get is back in stock. She ask Sandra to wait really quick, while she runs and buys it. Why waiting she sees Sandra walk inside and talk to one of the MUA's in the store. Sandra tells the guy, "Well I kinda been wanting to wear makeup but I really dont have the time, or dont know how to wear it". So the MUA gives her his card and set up a 3o minute appointment to teach her some beginning skills. They leave and Tammy gives Sandra this side eye look as they rush back to get back to work. So you may have had a similar experience where you either was Tammy or Sandra or maybe even the MUA. The biggest issue her is the root of the problem: Sandra secretly likes make up but instead of admitting her real issues, she deflects her insecurities on to Tammy. Tammy while giving a good response to Sandra on her reasons for wearing make-up she addressed the problem more in a passive aggressive way. But none of these are the main issues. The issue is this constant female rivalry that is like the elephant in the room. Insecure women have the loudest cry. Take Sandra, many people would have thought Sandra is the most secure since she doesn't have to put on this "facade or say mask", she comes as she is. But as we have read, Sandra is insecure in herself. She lacks the confidence in her innate ability to be herself without questioning another woman's personal choice and freedom of expression. This post is not to beat on people like Sandra as I once was a Sandra, but to show why this controversy exist. Secure women could careless what the next women do, wear etc. They are busy focusing on themselves. As women, your number one goal is to take care of yourself and be authentically you. Once you exhibit that behavior, you will notice that the things you once had time to discuss or question is not of interest to you. So in closing I want to give all Ladies 5 tips to help Remove the Mask:

1.) Start from your childhood, If you didn't have a positive relationship with your mother or a female guardian, you should seek professional help. It will be a lot harder for you to try to work through your issues alone and sometimes laying it all on the table to someone who cant judge you or know you can be very therapeutic

2.) Stop Comparing yourself! You are your only limit to being who and what you were called to be. Not another female, celebrity, sibling or co-worker. Find some time to promote positive esteem in your life, where you can finally say "I AM ENOUGH"

3.) Clean house of all vampires- you know energy zappers, negative Nancy's. The energy you are around is very contagious. Be mindful of the fact that we are in a state of energy exchange whenever we are in the presence of someone.

4.) Take care of yourself even for my Tammy's out there. Its important to do the basic necessities like annual check-ups, dental cleaning and exams, drink water, take vitamins, and do some kind of fitness.This should be number 1, but this process is a mental thing and sometimes in order to get to this step you have to get to the root of the problem.

5.) Be Yourself- If you are #teamnatural or #teammakeup be just that. Dont be pressured into being what society wants you to be. Don't be tricked into following trends. When you get up in the morning, whatever your heart desires and that comes "natural" to you, do just that. What I find is that when you are being your authentic self, things come extremely easy in your life, you don't have to lie or fabricate stories, you earn a lot of respect, and there isn't a lot of drama in your life.

In close, this article was inspired by some personal experiences in my life and I can honestly say I am not #teamnatural or #teammakeup, I am simply #TeamMe! IMG_4929

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