Why Pretty Ugly Cosmetics?

PRETTY UGLY Cosmetics was birthed in 2009 from Owner and Founding Member of the local giant Studio 7 the Salon and Spa, Rosalind Holsey. Rosalind was an avid makeup user for many years and loved the brand MAC Cosmetics. Despite her love for MAC products, she constantly would have allergic reactions to the products. She began researching manufacturers with the same quality but specialized in being hypo-allergenic. After extensive research, she found a manufacturer based in Canada. Rosalind decided to create her own cosmetic brand based on a personal need and eventually sell inside her salon to all of her clients.

As Studio 7 the Salon and Spa grew, Rosalind didn't have much time to spend on developing the makeup. Her eldest daughter Shanicka was what we considered a "Makeup Addict" since a child. Always sneaking into her mom’s makeup in her earlier years, she became fascinated with applying makeup. Just like most young girls, Shanicka was loyal to well known brands initially until she tried PRETTY UGLY. From the 1st time she put it on, she felt like EVERYONE should know this brand. She would wear products and get so many compliments. 
Flash to 2017, after much success in both Mother and Daughter’s separate businesses, they both decided it was a great opportunity to re-brand PRETTY UGLY and make it accessible to women of all shades worldwide.
PRETTY UGLY Cosmetics is your exclusive source for luxury High Definition Products. 

Our tagline is: "Where Imperfection is Perfection."

Our mission is to connect women worldwide to their aesthetics inside and out. Our goal is to uplift, validate and encourage positive self-esteem by offering High Definition products and services that mirror internal beauty to match the external view. Finally, we plan to be a resource and full body of work that properly executes personal and professional development opportunities.
A Special note about our Products:
Pretty Ugly Cosmetics specializes in high quality products, with an extensive colour selection. We pride ourselves in using only the very highest standards of pigments and ingredients.
Just because We value YOU, all of our products are:
• Paraben Free
• Made in Canada*
• Hypo-Allergenic
• Allergy Tested
• Non-Comedogenic
• Fragrance Free
• Not Tested on Animals


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