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Godiva I High Definition Gloss Lipstick

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Muted Mulberry Plum and Gold Shimmer

Hi Gloss


Long lasting mineral based moisture-rich fun colors created with natural minerals, oxides and pigments.

Our Lipsticks are enriched with Vitamin E which has soothing and healing properties.
The creamy texture gives a rich high shine while hi gloss or pearlized formulations add high fashion glamour.
Richly pigmented luscious colors in warm and cool shades. Vitamin E adds moisture and works as an antioxidant. Aids in regenerating and restructuring damaged and stressed lip tissue with Apricot Kernel Oil. Loss of moisture is slowed down by the use of Castor Seed Oil, it revitalizes, soften and maintain moisture and balance on the lips it also promote elasticity and suppleness. Colors last longer due to the mineral content.
One lipstick every night a week is the show stopper way
This collection features a lip treatment great for lip treatment can be worn at night or in place of a chap stick when needed- Vitamin E lipstick.



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